Our chemical services provide efficient cost-effective cleaning to the industrial sector, minimizing production downtime and extending the life of your asset.

We work with you to provide the right cleaning products for your workplace. Our environmentally friendly chemicals deliver excellent cleaning results through a range of advanced techniques of application. We begin with a site survey and a technical discussion to make sure we understand your needs and expectations.
Using techniques formulated within industry we can select the most effective cleaning methodology for your project. We will identify the most effective chemistry to successfully and safely clean a large variety of contaminants.


Simplesan has got chemical solution for decontamination. Our packaged solutions are based on environmentally safe, proven systems and bespoke chemistry. Removing grease and oil from surfaces is one of the toughest cleaning challenges. Simplesan has heavy-duty degreasers for cleaning automotive shops, garages, factories and warehouses. Low-foam degreasers can be used with automatic scrubbers, pressure washers, sprayers and mop buckets.

We can supply are variety of surface cleaners and/ or sanitation degreasers depending on customer cleaning requrement. Specialty chemicals for cleaning and maintenance are available for removing oil stains, rust and other tough- to-remove soils.


  • Automotive and Engineering
  • Energy and Marine
  • Aerospace
  • Food and Beverage
  • Building and Construction

Advantages of using our chemicals: Controlled dispensing•  Immediate solubility•  Economical with effective cleaning results•  Many surfactant choicesAvailable in bulk for large volume users•  Easy in application

Whether you require a complete range of eco-friendly products or a safer cleaning and maintenance solution  you have come to the right place.