Well maintained working environment speak volumes about the companies they work for. If properly cared for, they convey an air of professionalism and positive association with the company image, not to mention benefits of a healthier work environment.

Having professional hygiene services in place is healthy and attractive to customers and employees that’s why Simplesan provides you a convenient consumable supply service for all your hygiene and janitorial needs (See our product list). We have a variety of quality products available at competitive prices and free door to door delivery. We offer easy ordering, regular deliveries for added peace of mind.

Our cleaning service touches every angle of working places such as:
Office Cleaning
Home Cleaning
Specialist Services Cleaning (Seaport, Airport, Stadium etc.)
Facility Maintenance (Toilets, Washroom and Water Supply etc.)

We list below some of our key strengths for the successful clean up:
1. Service Abilities: A resource of professional cleaning team with experience and knowledge on doing proper cleanliness. Such experience substantially sensitizes our team to the vigorous service demands of our clients.

2. Quality and Choices: Quality of our work is carefully monitored by our specialized people in various hygiene maintenance and sanitation related requirements.

3. Management follow up: Regular scheduled visits to cleaning sites and client’s premise or workplace are done for the purpose of good hygiene control and staff motivation. Consistency of standard levels is assessed and feedback reviews are undertaken.

Call us today and let’s begin your hygiene journey. We believe that clean, well-maintained working environment indicate high standards and send a strong message about a business or home. Our prime goal is to ensure you stay in a cleaner and healthier place. Let us help you do the dirty work while you focus on your other important matter.